Aronnax Public Strategies Practice Areas

APS' policy expertise includes the following issues:

Native American Affairs

Aronnax Public Strategies LLC’s (APS’) Native American Affairs practice is the cornerstone of our government relations portfolio. APS’ team has represented over 12 tribal organizations across the nation. APS is the alternative and solution for tribal affairs with personalized service, intimate knowledge of state and federal issues, and value oriented rates of a boutique firm.

A full-service lobbying and government affairs firm with almost two decades of experience working in Indian Country, APS is the federal arm of the Tribal Solutions Network, an innovative, full-service government affairs program working on behalf of Indian Country and has built a solid reputation among Tribes and Tribal organizations as a hard-working, results-oriented firm.


Having represented agricultural interests from two geographically and agriculturally diverse areas of the country, the Midwest and New England, APS has a robust agriculture practice. Our team has successfully secured legislative language in past Farm Bills, obtained significant funding for clients through the appropriations process and developed strategic relationships within the USDA - primarily the Agricultural Research Service (ARS).

APS also has experience with the Farm Credit Services and U.S. Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Energy & Environment

APS has significant background in environmental and energy related legislative, regulatory and appropriations matters. Our team of experts is well-versed working with unique technologies, including large and small wind turbine manufacturers, plug-in hybrid electric drive vehicles, energy storage companies, and bio-fuel processors. We have the distinction of collaborating with some of the nation's top marine and freshwater researchers to support the control and mitigation of cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms such as Red Tide through the reauthorization of federal grant programs.

From advocating for federal tax credits, writing federal grants and procurement activities, and legislative and regulatory drafting and monitoring, APS has worked with Congress and the federal agencies to ensure our clients' successes in the energy and environmental markets.

Homeland Security

APS has built effective relationships with House and Senate Homeland Security Committees, Department of Defense, HHS ASPR Program, including specific expertise in disaster medical evacuations under National Disaster Medical System Emergency Support Function #8 and FEMA, as well as being intimately involved in the activities of the Congressional Hazards Caucus.

Our team has worked with academic research experts within an esteemed university-based disaster preparedness and response research institute, as well as private sector experts in emergency communications and disaster medical evacuations. We are currently working to promote a national civilian disaster air and ground medical evacuation system. Additionally, we are promoting the expansion of emergency communications networks and mass notification systems in the U.S. and globally. Team leader, Andy Garfinkel, worked in Sri Lanka following the 2004 tsunami to advance development and financing of a national emergency communications network and coastal tsunami warning system and continues to advocate similar systems in the U.S. and globally. Andy Garfinkel successfully co-bid on a 2006 U.S. Trade and Development Administration (USTDA) study and prepared the report "An Optimal, Technical, Operational and Financial Strategy for Improvement National Emergency Communications and Notification Capabilities for the Government of Sri Lanka," which has resulted in construction of a coastal and "All Hazards" warning system in Sri Lanka.


APS's team has worked on transportation policy since enactment of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) in 1991 and each subsequent transportation reauthorization. In recent years, we have focused on innovative financing provisions of roads and railway systems, as well as technologies to improve transportation flow. We have worked on the linkage between transportation and core urban areas, including work with New Urbanists, and access to health care issues resulting from transportation limitations. We advocated against modifications to the national transit funding allocations that would have eliminated funding financed by the federal gas tax, which would harm transit programs nationally and the ability of low- and moderate-income workers to reach work and school.

APS also has expertise in maritime issues such as the Coast Guard Reauthorization and MARAD.

Economic Development

APS is proud of its record in promoting nationally significant economic development projects. Our team's efforts have resulted in construction of projects as diverse as construction of water and wastewater systems, flood control systems, transportation projects, technology campus development, low-income and mixed-income housing and historic preservation projects.

We utilize diverse public and private financing resources to support our clients' interests. These resources include federal Economic Development Administration grant funding, low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC), New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC), Historic Preservation Tax Credits (HTC), and other grants and tax credits. We advise our clients on the availability of these resources and help fill financing gaps in coordination with our state affiliates.


APS' expertise encompasses not only Elementary and Secondary Education but also colleges and universities - including the for-profit college sector. APS works with legislators and the Department of Education on important issues for our clients.

APS's team has worked with university systems nationally, including large and small institutions. We have advanced funding for targeted research initiatives, equipment priorities and policy education programs.

Health Care

With significant experience in Medicare and Medicaid issues (including 340B, drug shortages, DSH, GME and Orphan Drug issues), as well as Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), APS has the knowledge, experience and contacts to assist clients through the complicated issues surrounding our nation's health care system. We support clients in ensuring full and fair reimbursement rates, and we promote medical innovation. APS and its affiliates have experience in a wide range of hospital and clinical funding and financing issues, including TriCare reimbursement policy.