About Aronnax Public Stategies

Aronnax Public Strategies LLC is a premier government relations, lobbying and public relations firm in Washington, DC. Lead by founder and principal Fred Starzyk, the APS team offers a range of services to help identify private-public investments, financing options, and partnerships for its public, private and non-profit clients. We utilize our government relations experience and advocacy and business strategies to remove barriers to these strategic relationships in the U.S. and globally.

Through our decades of experience, we create private and public partnerships for clients, organize advocacy campaigns, and promote legislative and regulatory objectives. APS has extensive experience in the federal authorization, appropriations, tax writing and grant writing processes for nationally significant objectives.

By providing on-site Washington, DC advocacy, we help educate Members of Congress and officials in the Executive Branch and their staffs recognize the importance of our clients' efforts to advance specific funding or policy goals. We promote the interests of leading edge private companies that are bringing new innovations to the market, preeminent companies in multiple business sectors, and local government entities that require advocacy assistance to remedy concerns about federal formula grants or statutory reimbursement rates.

APS is the federal arm of three innovative and unique government affairs models called The FedState Network, Heartland Advocates, and the Tribal Solutions Network.

The FedState Network (FSN) provides clients with a combination of federal advocacy from APS and state-based advocacy from one of APS’ state affiliates, currently with relationships in more than 20 states, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. APS’ state affiliates are some of the most influential and respected regional government and public affairs teams in the country.

Heartland Advocates is APS’ newest network.  Combining APS’ experience working in the agricultural sector, securing both funding and language in Agricultural Appropriations Bills and Farm Bills, APS joins with Minnesota based RDL & Associates to offer agricultural clients a complete government affairs team in preparation for the 2018 Farm Bill.

The Tribal Solutions Network (TSN) was borne out of APS’ robust, tribal affairs practice. TSN is a consortium of consultants, all with superior credentials and extensive experience across Indian Country. Under the TSN umbrella, tribes can contract with a single entity and gain access to a full suite of services, providing an integrated approach that ensures greater efficiency, effectiveness and affordability. Tribes have access to all TSN network companies at all times, but pay only for the services they actually use.

Please take the time to read more about APS’ Heartland Advocates, FedState Network, and the Tribal Solutions Network on this website.